Reviewing guidelines in China Illustrata:

  1. Submitted works have to undergo a preliminary verification, which is going to decide whether the work is fitting the journal’s profile and if it is edited according to the guidelines given by the editorial board.
  2. China Illustrata uses the double-blind review process.
  3. Works fitting the criteria given in the 1st point are forwarded to two anonymous reviewers affiliated in institute different than the Institute of the Author (it is possible). The reviews are composed of specialists from the area of study that the work belongs to.
  4. Identity of the Authors is not to be revealed to the reviewers. The names of reviewers are also not to be revealed.
  5. If the reviewer is aware of the identity of the Author, the editorial board requires the reviewer to sign a declaration of no conflict of interests. A similar declaration is to be signed if the reviewer and the Author are affiliated in the same institute.
  6. The reviews appear in a written form, they are composed in Polish or in English. Each review is stating a positive or negative decision as to whether to publish given work in the journal.
  7. Works which received two positive reviews are approved for publishing and printing.
  8. Once a year the list of reviewers is published in the printed version of the journal, as well as on the journal’s website.

Review form in the .pdf format
Review form in the .docx format